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All our game worlds need new heroes – choose your own adventure:

  • Plarium online strategy games are Free to Play. require No Downloading. and have No Restrictions
  • Join intense multiplayer clan warfare: Thousands of Live Clans and rivals are online, with new battles and adventures added every day
  • Experience rich 3D Graphics and artwork, fully-voiced missions and characters
  • Write your own story and change the game world by joining in Cooperative global missions
  • Hardcore gameplay for the serious player; go head-to-head against the 85,000,000 players from over 50 Countries already enjoying Plarium MMORTS games!

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Players on Plarium games

I’ve been playing Plarium online strategy games since Total Domination came out, and I've never played other MMO games that get updated as often! Discovering new cool stuff on a constant basis is so awesome!

Jake "Fighter" Thurman

I started my gaming "career" when it was quite a challenge to find a decent free-to-play online strategy game. I’ve searched through many MMORTS games, but only Plarium online games never failed to keep me excited. I have several years of active online gaming under my belt and I don't plan on quitting any time soon, and it's all because of Plarium! You guys rock!

Christian Clay

I have always been interested in the history of pirates, and have played almost every pirate game I can think of! Now, I found Pirates: Tides of Fortune and I have finally found something to fulfill every aspect of piracy that I enjoy. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment!

Denis Foisy

This post-apocalyptic MMORTS game is the stand-out international gold standard "free-to-play" browser game. The graphics are solid. The noob quests are effective for achieving lvl 30 easily from ten days to two weeks. The variety of fleet ships, troops, and armored artillery keep the possible combinations of armies to build interesting both aesthetically and intellectually (this is usually a weakness in most strategy games). Also, the ability to edit one's sector as well as to increase the sector size is pretty sweet. Total Domination is definitely a keeper!


While me be lovin' th' game, and be playing right from th' beginning, I still be feelin' like I be late for the party. It be rough and tumble seas out there, but we have weathered the storm for now. This online strategy game keeps improving and becoming even more enjoyable with every update. While I not be the biggest o' Pirates, nor the most feared on the Seven Seas, I be able t' handle me own 'n' keep me affairs in order without a spot o' help from anyone. May your game continue to keep me attentions, especially that lass, Anne “Bonnie” O'Malley! Arrrrr!

Papaw Rigsby

As a long time pirate, all I can say is this. THIS IS THE BEST MMO STRATEGY GAME OUT THERE! I play it all every day and even most of the night (sometimes all night!). My girlfriend isn't happy, threatening me and saying she's gonna leave me if I don't stop playing this game. But who cares, right. I have raids to do! While you're planning the next updates, it would be nice if the Brotherhoods could have more than 100 members and to be able to use friends' reinforcements as we deem fit! Please Plarium? Good job with the game! Respect from me!

Netea Alexandru

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